Deer Little Fox is a family owned and operated business. Our venture began as we were always creating cake toppers, name cut-outs and other laser cut items for family and friends upon request. We always received great feedback at family birthdays when one of our cake toppers sat on the cake and we often had requests for custom items through mutual friends of friends. We decided to open up a few social media pages and see how things would stem from there. We have had some great success so far and love every minute of it! Working together with our customers to create personalised items for their homes, weddings, birthdays and all other special events is so rewarding.

We hope Deer Little Fox can continue to grow as it has done up to this point. Our webstore is here to make it easier for everyone to browse what we offer and make purchasing our products easier. We will always continue to offer our customized service through email, social media and our webstore.

One thing we love to note is our attention to detail. If we create a product and can see a blemish or we don’t like how it looks, we will make another to make sure you receive a product of the highest quality. Our quality control, paired with our use of the best materials from Australia’s best suppliers assures our products stand out from the rest!

Thank you for reading about our journey so far, we have plenty more to come so be sure to check back regularly!

-Deer Little Fox Team